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Each tin of Einmilk contains a premium blend of quality ingredients, synergising the Ein-Volution system to support children’s diets.



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How It All Started

Rising inflation has become the ‘mother of all risks’ nowadays. Not only has it left young, newly-wed couples struggle financially to kick-start a family, it has also made it harder for parents to raise a child, let alone raising children.

Einmilk started humbly in 2014, with the vision of two Singaporean fathers – “one doesn’t need to break the bank for balanced health and nutrition”. We began exploring possible solutions to overcome these problems – with the aim to produce infant milk powders that are made of the finest and most genuine ingredients in the region, yet at an affordable price.

Einmilk was soon marketed throughout much of Singapore in 2017, and a new brand name began to take on life.

With the Vision to be “World-Ready”

"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking
if mankind is to survive."

— Albert Einstein

The world is changing – it has been this way ever since the beginning. We believe the only way for anyone to grow is to adapt to the changes around them.

Einmilk is committed to the vision of “Raising World-Ready Children Together”, to equip our next generations with the mindset and ability to adapt. Subsequently, when they are ready to tackle the real world, they would not be too terrified of the uncertainties in life challenges.

We are “World-Ready”. Are you ready to become the aspiring “World-Ready” parents?

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Einmilk is produced by SMC Nutrition Pte Ltd, which is certified by AVA.

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