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10 Superfoods to Include in Your Toddler’s Diet

Deliciously healthy superfood ideas

Superfoods are nutritionally dense food that offer wholesome amounts of vitamins and minerals. They are great for toddlers who need a variety of food options to fuel healthy all-round development. While ‘superfoods’ are not formally a food group like Grains and Proteins, what this means is that superfoods are foods items across different food groups. though superfoods are primarily plant-based that are jam-packed full of nutrients.
These are some deliciously healthy superfood ideas you can include in your toddler’s next meal!


#1: Eggs

They may look small, but eggs pack a load of super goodness for growing kids!


Eggs contain proteins and Vitamin D, which help absorb calcium needed for strong bones and teeth for your growing toddler. Eating protein at breakfast leaves kid’s stomachs less hungry in the mornings. Serve up scrambled eggs with a ketchup smiley face, a sunny side up, or even add some cheese for an extra dose of savoury goodness. Better yet, try this Baked Eggs in Avocado recipe and power up the start of your child’s day!

#2: Oatmeal


Oatmeal are dubbed a superfood because they support healthy cardiovascular health, and helps support regular bowel movements amongst other benefits.


Research suggest that children who ate oatmeal for breakfast performed better on memory-related tasks at school than those who had consumed sugary cereals. Oatmeal is filled with fiber-rich whole grains, and digests slowly enough to avoid less hunger in the mornings.


#3: Avocado

Superfood or superfruit? Avocadoes pack a wholesome load of creamy goodness that makes it a perfect first food since baby’s weaning days!


One of the best things about avocados is that it is high in folate. This is something that is crucial to brain development as well as the production and maintenance of new cells especially during early child development years. Enjoy that creamy avocado as a spread on toast, or combine them with eggs, just like in this recipe!


#4: Nuts

Go nuts over these heart-loving cocktail of nuts. Walnuts and almonds make terrific additions to those homemade bakes for your toddlers.


Nuts have healthy fats which supports toddlers in their physical growth, cognitive development, and heart health. Active toddlers definitely need that extra dose of energy too! Be mindful about them as choke hazard – chopped them up and sprinkle in homemade cakes, biscuits or enjoy with that cup of Greek Yogurt. Toddler-approved, for sure!


#5: Milk

From age one onwards, milk is regarded as a complementary food in your toddler’s diet.


Milk is a great source of protein and calcium that provides fuel for the brain and body. Kid’s bones and teeth are strengthened and your growing toddler takes in other vitamins such as iron and DHA too. Toddlers can obtain nutrients via various milk sources including formula milk powder, fresh milk, goat milk, soy-based milk and UHT milk. If your toddler prefers flavoured milk, consider adding cocoa to make chocolate milk, or get strawberry flavoured milk at the supermarket.


 #6: Tofu

Don’t belittle these soft and wobbly tofu – they pack plenty of proteins in them which are building blocks of a child’s growth.

Soy foods provide protein and anti-cancer benefits, and studies suggest that they are especially beneficial for young girls because it provides protection as breast tissues are developing. The way to get your kids to eat this is mix tofu into stir fries or soups, use silken tofu for a replacement in yogurt fruit smoothies, or add edamame as a fun soybean for kids to explore as they eat. Mash or cut the edamame if offering to younger toddlers to reduce the risk of choking.


#7: Greek Yogurt

Enhance your toddler’s digestive health with the influx of probiotics present in Greek Yogurt.

This contains healthy bacteria known as a probiotic used to boost immunity and help aid digestion. It has less sugar then regular yogurt and offers a higher amount of protein. You can add honey, nuts, or fruit to power up the nutritional goodness for your toddlers.


#8: Salmon

These super fish are a popular favourite with families in Singapore. Grilled, baked, pan-fried or cooked in porridge, salmon can be cooked in so many ways for your tots to enjoy.

With omega-3 fatty acids known to boost brain development, help to improve a child’s focus and provides anti-inflammatory benefits, salmon makes a yummy and nourishing dish for growing toddlers. Salmon is versatile and you can cook it in several ways – salmon porridge, baked salmon, salmon cakes or burgers. Special tip: mask the slightly fishy smell by squeezing lemon – that’s an extra boost of Vitamin C too!

#9: Cocoa

Fancy a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day? This yummy cup of nourishing goodness makes a healthy treat for your toddlers too.

Those flavonoids in cocoa are great for helping to build immunity, supporting healthy heart function and oral health. These bioactive compound groups are rich in antioxidant content to fight free radical damages, and help keep toddlers healthy. Serve cocoa with milk, bake muffins or add a dash of cocoa powder on pancakes, waffles or French toast for extra flavour!


#10: Black Beans

Black Beans Soup are commonly cooked in Chinese homes in Singapore. These beans cook up a broth of nutritional goodness that’s great for everyone in the family.

Containing protein, fibre and calcium, black beans can keep children fuller for longer and give them nutrients that are crucial for healthy development. You can make dips with black beans or prepare a nutritious pot of Black Beans Soup for the family.

Are you ready to supercharge your toddler’s diet? Have fun creating new dishes and recipes for your children while they enjoy the wholesome nutritional goodness from these superfoods. Eating well is the start of raising healthy and happy world-ready children!

Do you offer these superfoods to your toddlers too? Do share your favourite recipes below!


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