About Us

How do we Make A Difference?

Parent’s Love is Babies’ Foundation for Security, Affection and Affirmation.

Our Promise

Einmilk prides itself on quality and assurance with the best and most genuine ingredients in the region. Our factory practices the highest level of hygiene and food safety under the regulation in Singapore, ensuring only the finest quality and innovation in all our products.

Our Focus for the Future

Einmilk is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community, by contributing back to our community through donation and sponsorship. We continuously establish new relationships with new partners to create shared value and create a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. We at Einmilk strive to meet this commitment by increasing our financial and non-financial support to charities and organizations that support the empowerment of individuals and wellbeing of families within the community.

Love Is Protection

Einmilk is a premium infant milk powder that has been scientifically formulated and produced in Singapore, to provide our next generations with all the right nutrients they need for optimal growth and development. Each tin of Einmilk contains a premium blend of quality ingredients, synergizing the Ein-Volution system to support children’s diets.


Our Values

Einmilk is all about the people, making sure that we are doing things by our employees, and the people who are affected by our operations, whether there be the community or along our supply chain. On top of all, Einmilk strives to enhance quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, making sure that we help shape a better and healthier world in our own ways.


Our Mission

Einmilk strives to be the go-to infant milk powder that offers balanced health nutrition everyone around the world can afford. We try our best to demonstrate our commitment to our employees, communities, and the general public at large, that we have a plan to become a better corporate citizen. That plan, ultimately, would seize us as the most responsible and impactful infant milk powder brand in Singapore.