Einmilk is Singapore-made and Singapore-owned. Click here for more details about the brand and how it all started.

Einmilk is manufactured in Singapore, under strict supervision by SMC Nutrition Pte Ltd – it is one of the four recognized infant milk powder license holders in food and nutritional manufacturing industry.

Dairy Based Nutritional Powders for our Einmilk Stage 1 Infant Formula, Einmilk Stage 2 Follow-Up Formula and Einmilk Stage 3 Growing Up Formula, were sourced from one of the freshest environment on earth – New Zealand. Whereas the Lactose-Free Infant Formula Powder for Einmilk Lactose-Free was sourced from Europe.

Yes-and-no. Milk alone is suitable for vegetarian under a specific category, though it depends on your vegetarian diet, as vegetarians range from lacto-ovo vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians to vegans. We added a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid like DHA to Einmilk Stage 1 Infant Formula and Einmilk Stage 2 Follow-Up Formula. DHA is obtained from fish oil, thus this is not vegetarian-friendly. Having said that, Einmilk Stage 3 Growing Up Formula with no added DHA is suitable for vegetarians under these categories:

  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians who do not eat meat, but will eat dairy products (e.g. milk, butter, cheese) and eggs.
  • Lacto-Vegetarians who do not eat meat, but will eat dairy products (e.g. milk, butter, cheese), except eggs.

There is no straight yes-or-no answer to this questions. In theory, there is no medical reason why a healthy infant cannot take a variety of infant formulas, and it is not uncommon of a gradual transition to mix formula milk when babies are trying out new formula milk from a new brand or simply in a transitional stage. This is to allow babies’ digestive system to adjust and slowly get used to the new formula. However, different formulas have slightly different ingredients per ounce – mixing formula brands but for similar types of formula, is less likely to be a problem, as long as your baby accepts both brands – but not to be taken for granted! Whilst mixing formula types can be a greater challenge, as there are many different kinds of formula, from the ordinary milk-based formula to very specialized ones, such as hydrolysate formula and soy milk formula, etc. Therefore, do pay attention to your babies’ needs and the ingredients/formulas of the milk powders you are mixing. If there is concern about lactose intolerance or milk allergy, then switching/mixing back and forth amongst the various formulas may not be a good idea. We do not recommend mixing Einmilk with the milk of other brands unless you are otherwise advised by your paediatrician to do so in a medically-professional way.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform that we do not produce soy-based formula milk at this stage.

Einmilk is produced by SMC Nutrition Pte Ltd, which is certified by AVA. The company is also FSSC 22000 certified by SGS. A bonus to all, Einmilk is HALAL certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

There may be brands out there that claimed to be Made-in-Singapore. We do not speak for others but Einmilk is found and owned by Singaporeans, most importantly manufactured and packed locally in Singapore, by SMC Nutrition Pte Ltd – which is essentially one of the four recognized infant milk powder license holders in food and nutritional manufacturing that is based in Singapore.

Einmilk was found with the vision to ease the financial burdens of most parents who struggles to provide essential health nutrition to their babies through infant formula milk. We do not invest a lot in marketing, we do not have a celebrity spokesperson – because all these will add to costs, and nobody is going to absorb the costs EXCEPT the consumers, which would defeat the company’s vision of producing infant milk powders that provide value to parents and the finest in pediatric nutrition to babies and toddlers. Click here for more details about Einmilk’s company vision and mission.