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Let’s Play: Explore your Neighbourhood (Free Printables)

Print a copy of this and fill in the missing letters with your child.
Take a walk around the neighbourhood and circle the objects and animals spotted along the way.
Describe the colours, features and sounds to your child. As an added activity, have your child
take photos of the objects that are spotted!
Theme: In the Neighbourhood


Activity Experience

This exploration activity encourages parent-child bonding, parent-child communication and invokes your child’s natural innate curiosity. The activity also familiarises your child with the proper spelling of commonly seen objects and animals.

Start by assisting your child to fill in the blanks. Then, bring your child around your neighbourhood and point out the objects and animals that are listed in the printable. Describe the sounds that you hear on the trip e.g. beeping of traffic light countdown timer, sparrows chirping, cats meowing etc.

As an extra dose of fun for budding photographers, let your child to take photos of the objects and animal(s) spotted during the trip. This serves as a precious memory for your special time together too!

This activity promotes observational skills, sharpens vocabulary and literacy as they learn about the items in their external environment away from home. Enjoy teaching and bonding with your little ones!

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