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6 Reasons Why Exercising with Your Spouse Benefits Your Relationship

Life with children may fall into a monotonous routine easily, and couples often lament the lack of time together.

Besides playing the role of parents in a family, couples should also find time for themselves and nourish their relationship as a couple. Exercise is a positive way of spending quality time together while keeping to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some happy reasons to release those endorphins together with your spouse, and at the same time, add some spice into your marriage too.

Exercising together as a couple lets you learn more about each other, as you spend quality time bonding over a common activity.


#1: Share common interest

Remember the times when both of you enjoyed an activity together? We don’t mean grocery shopping or diaper-changing, but time spent on a shared interest. How about picking up a new sports or fitness regime together? Exercise helps to burn off the work stresses and calories after a busy day. Sharing the same interest also opens more conversation topics between the both of you, and communication is certainly key to any marriage. So, would it be piloxing, yoga or badminton for daddy and mummy?


#2: Enjoy more quality time together

Couples who spend quality time together enjoy more bonding time too. It’s always a mood lifter to see your spouse after a particularly trying day. Exercising together means allocating specific time from your schedules by making the effort to pursue the shared interest. There’s never enough time with your partner!


#3: Be there to motivate each other

Both of you will be encouraging each other to push further, do more, and a little goes a long way for both the exercise you embark on, as well as your marriage. Sharing a common goal helps both of you to drive each other, grow together, show empathy during the challenging times and fuel each other as a team to move closer to what you have set out for. Those words of encouragement help push you in achieving your fitness goals too!


Your partner is also your greatest supporter, most honest critic and ardent fan who motivates you to become a better person.


#4: Discover new things about each other

Starting out on a new exercise together might also let you learn something new about your partner! Is your husband the extra determined man who challenges himself with additional exercise frequency? Or, did you know about your wife’s ability to do 60 sit-ups in a minute? You may have been married for some time now, but these little fun facts about each other are only uncovered when you exercise together. Hidden talents, anyone?


#5: See each other in a different light

As you observe each other in a different setting, both of you will also start seeing each other in new light. When was the last time you saw your partner focusing on a game which awakened his winner’s mentality? Perhaps, you might notice your husband’s desire to regain his 6-pack abs, and come to appreciate that our health and bodies are very much like marriage. They need to be nurtured and nourished to stay in the pink of health.


#6: Live healthy together for the future

As parents juggle the multiple roles in life, taking care of your health should be a priority. Encourage each other to eat balanced meals, kickstart an exercise regime with your spouse for a healthier body and most definitely a happier well-being!


Don’t forget to take care of yourselves so you are physical well and mentally fit to care for your children too. Raising happy and healthy world-ready children requires a happy mind, body and soul. Start by caring for yourselves, mums and dads!


Do you exercise with your spouse too? Let us know what your favourite couple fitness regime is!