Family Fun Toddlers

Let’s Make: My First Lion Mask

Meet Albert!

Hello! I’m Albert the Lion!
Let’s make this mask with mum and dad, and design it together!


Activity Experience

This simple activity offers parent-child interaction to create a fun mask together.

Let your child’s creativity flow as he doodles and designs the mask with a wide option of mediums. Parents can ask questions/narrate about their choice of colours, mediums or the textures their little fingers are exploring, which helps grow communication and literacy skills.

Your child focuses on each task, enjoys sensorial exploration and learns about cause-and-effect, while creating his masterpiece!


Activity Tips
  • Get your child to help apply glue and paste this activity sheet on a cereal box.
  • Let your child’s creativity flow and design with colour pencils, markers, felt, cotton, glitter, coloured paper & more!
  • Cut out the mask along the outline.
  • Gently use a pen to make 2 holes at the indicated spots. Fasten with rubber band, and VOILA!


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