Family Fun Toddlers

Let’s Learn: Shapes Around Us (Free Printables)

Help Albert the Lion spot the shapes hiding within the picture!


Get ready to point out these shapes: Triangle, Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Pentagon, Heart and Diamond.

Colour them according to the numbers to find out where Albert is playing!

Activity Experience
  • This versatile activity sheet allows children to learn about shapes, colours, numbers while stretching their imagination!
  • Have your child pick up a pencil to trace those dotted lines and point out those shapes. Fill the shapes with colours according to the numbers and watch as her masterpiece come to life!
  • This activity sheet encourages the sharpening of visual-motor skill, eye-hand coordination development and numeracy. Take this learning experience further by pointing out to these shapes in your home, or when you are out and about with your child. As your child explores about the shapes in the places they go or things that they have (e.g. toys, household items, at a playground etc.) this helps ignite your child’s curiousity and observation of their environment.
  • Expect a new discussion and communication opportunity with your little ones!


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