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Checklist: Things to Pack for Childcare or Preschool

15 January 2019

Is your child about to start childcare or preschool in Singapore? Stay calm and let’s get ready with the things to prepare for this new milestone. Fret not if you’re feeling unsure how to start preparing because we’ve come up with a list of items you can pack for your child’s comfort in preschool.   […]

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5 Ways to Spend National Day with Your Children

3 August 2018

9 August marks National Day, a day when we commemorate Singapore’s independence as a sovereign nation. Here are a few activities you can do with your child on this special day!     Catch the fireworks without squeezing with the crowd Braving through a sticky, sweaty crowd is not exactly the smartest thing to do […]

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Let’s Play: Match and Sort Colour Activity (Free Printable)

20 February 2018

Match the pictures to their respective colours! Point out the various fruit to your child when you bring them to the market! Alternatively, print out two copies, cut out the squares and play “Snap” with your child! Have fun! Theme: Fruits DOWNLOAD > Activity Experience This matching game activity promotes memory, observation skills, basic sorting […]

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