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Checklist: Things to Pack for Childcare or Preschool

Is your child about to start childcare or preschool in Singapore? Stay calm and let’s get ready with the things to prepare for this new milestone. Fret not if you’re feeling unsure how to start preparing because we’ve come up with a list of items you can pack for your child’s comfort in preschool.


This list is non-exhaustive and can differ between preschools but contains the main essential items. Remember to label your child’s name on his or her belongings to minimise the chance of mix-ups!


  • Water Bottle
    Water keeps your little one hydrated throughout the day as they are more energetic and expend a lot of energy. Choose a water bottle that is your child has no problems opening or closing to access the straw for drinking.



  • Milk feeds
    Infant care teachers are trained to handle breast milk. If your child is above 6 months old, you can consider switching your baby from breastmilk to formula milk. Here are some tips on choosing formula milk.In a playgroup, toddlers are given up to two milk feeds a day and you should bring a clean milk bottle with a milk dispenser containing two separate portions of formula milk for easy preparation. Check with the school on the schedule especially if your child is going to full-day childcare and will be napping there.


  • Diapers/Underwear
    If your child has yet to be toilet trained, you will need to pack at least 4 pieces of disposable diapers for frequent diaper changes. Otherwise, pack in briefs or panties for your toilet-trained child. When your child shows signs of readiness, teachers will support potty-training and parents can also play their part at home to prepare your son or daughter to go diaper-free. 


  • Additional clothing
    You will need to pack clothes for your child to change into after bath time or water play. It is recommended that you pack in a long sleeved sleepsuit if your child attends a childcare centre with air-conditioning. Some school have a different set of uniform for naptime, and some may not allow home clothes to be worn. Do check with your child’s school to clarify. An additional spare set of clothes will come in handy in case it is dirtied.


  • Towel
    A medium sized bath towel for drying off after bathtime is needed. Bamboo bath towels are soft, eco-friendly and absorbent. Choose a size that is small enough for your child to handle.


  • Wet bag
    Soiled clothes will be placed in a wet bag or plastic bag for laundering at home. This is to prevent other items in the bag from getting dirty. You can purchase waterproof stickers so they can withstand washes.


Pack a spare set of clothes in your child’s school bag for childcare or preschool in case of emergency situations.


  • Cot Mattress Cover
    For children who attend full-day childcare, they will be napping in school and will need a mattress cover for the mattress that your child will be sleeping on. Some childcare centres include this item in the list of things to pay for during registration, and the school will take care of the washing and labelling. Do check with the school on the arrangement for this.


  • Pillow/Blanket
    You can pack along a small pillow and blanket to make nap time more comfortable for your child. Letting him or her to choose which pillow and blanket to bring gives them more autonomy over their decisions. A light and thin blanket will provide a cosy sleep setting in school.While it may help your child overcome anxiety, it is not advisable to bring his or her favourite toy as there is the likelihood of loss or damage.


Teddy stays home – bringing beloved possessions to preschool or childcare are not encouraged as there is a risk that it will be misplaced or damaged.


  • Snacks
    Childcare centres provide snacks, but a small container of snacks that your child loves is handy to have for nibbling on the way home from school.


Finally, with the number of items to pack, you will likely need two school bags – one to store the bedding and another for the rest of the items. To get your child excited for school, bring him or her shopping for their very own school bags!


Has your child started preschool or childcare yet? Tell us, how did you prepare him or her for that very first day of school?

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5 Ways to Spend National Day with Your Children

9 August marks National Day, a day when we commemorate Singapore’s independence as a sovereign nation. Here are a few activities you can do with your child on this special day!


You can use this time to teach them the reason why people display Singapore flags during National Day.


  1. Catch the fireworks without squeezing with the crowd

Braving through a sticky, sweaty crowd is not exactly the smartest thing to do when you have little children. The hotspots that fill up early include the Merlion Park, Esplanade and waterfront at Marina Bay Sands.


If you’re not planning to secure a hotel room with a prime spot overlooking the floating platform, there are places with high vantage points which provide a full view of the fireworks.

HDB buildings like Blk 79B at Toa Payoh Central, Skyville @ Dawson, Pinnacle @ Duxton and McNair Gardens have sky gardens on the upper floors for you and your family to experience the full sights and sounds of the fireworks display. Go equipped with battery-operated fans, drinks and a tablet to watch the parade live and immerse in the celebratory mood.



Singapore’s beautiful skyline looks stunning at night – soak in the beauty with your children during the national day weekend.


  1. Attend themed celebrations

Pororo Park Singapore and Kidzland are but two of the local indoor playgrounds for children which have special programmes lined up for National Day 2018.

Activities are curated for children to learn more about Singapore’s history and culture and have fun while doing so. Preschools, primary schools and secondary schools typically have National Day Celebrations prior to National Day as well.


  1. Explore the lesser known parts of Singapore

There is much more to Singapore than Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and Little India. Little Guilin lake is a nature park located in Bukit Gombak created from a natural granite quarry which provides serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you’re up for some exercise, take a treetop walk with your children. There are several trails along MacRitchie Reservoir from which you can start your hike. Come prepared with a trusty pair of running shoes, large water bottle and a towel to wipe off perspiration. Don’t forget that bottle of insect repellent to fend off pesky mosquitoes! There is much greenery and local fauna to observe.


It’s an apt time to teach your children more about Singapore’s history and culture.


  1. Explore Kranji Countryside

Kranji Countryside boasts a host of local farms. There’s a goat farm where you can watch goats being milked and purchase goat’s milk, frog farm, ornamental fish farms and vegetable farms. Patronise local businesses to support our local economy and reduce carbon footprint.

It will be more convenient to drive in to explore this side of the country as it is quite a walk from the nearest bus stop.


  1. Learn about what makes Singapore

Singapore is home to many different cultures from all over the world. Other than Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India, consider exploring expat hangouts where other nationalities gather.


You will be able to find restaurants and stores catered for Koreans in Tanjong Pagar, Filipinos in Lucky Plaza, Japanese in Liang Court and the Caucasians in Dempsey where you can experience dishes and products unique to each community.

With so many ways to celebrate National Day apart of catching the parade LIVE on television, how will you be spending it with your children? Let us know in the comments!

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Let’s Play: Match and Sort Colour Activity (Free Printable)

Match the pictures to their respective colours! Point out the various fruit to your child when you bring them to the market! Alternatively, print out two copies, cut out the squares and play “Snap” with your child! Have fun!
Theme: Fruits


Activity Experience

This matching game activity promotes memory, observation skills, basic sorting and encourages young learners to learn about colours. Your little one picks up new vocabulary and learns how to identify items of the same colour by grouping.

Start by introducing the individual fruit and its colour. After that, spell out the colours. Finally, let them match the fruit to their colours. When you are on a grocery run, jolt your child’s memory by asking them to tell you the colour of various fruits.

You can also print out two copies, cut out the squares, shuffle the cards, distribute it between your child and yourself and play “Snap”. This childhood game is certainly bound to bring on laughter between the both of you!

These engaging activities help to encourage new perspectives of looking at things around them, as they explore classification skills and reinforces identification skills. Make time for some indoor and outdoor fun with your kids this weekend!