Family Fun Toddlers

Let’s Play: Word Search

Albert the Lion is hungry!


Can you help him to put together a healthy lunch? Look for these delicious food to create a nutritious meal for him!

Activity Experience
  • Start your preschooler on a healthy eating activity with this word search. Take this chance to introduce and share about new food that your child might not have tried before, or talk about the nutrients each food offers to growing children.
  • This fun word search activity promotes strengthening of children’s visual-spatial skills, focus, memory and overall mental acuity. Through the food images and words for each food, children discover new vocabulary along with visual association. Young children who are learning to read and spell will enjoy growing their literacy skills too!
  • Parents can take a step further to discuss with children about the food images on the activity sheet. Explore food categorisation (fruit or vegetables), conversation starters about cooking methods (Ask questions on how each food is cooked in your family’s meals, can we create a new dish with fruits?), or their personal favourite food and fruit! This activity becomes a springboard to diverse communication topics, and encourages children’s curiosity to ask questions to find out more!


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