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Toddler Craft Ideas: Convert Toilet Rolls into Toys

Toilet paper rolls are common household items. Instead of throwing them away, use them as craft materials for your toddler! Read on as we put together some simple craft ideas for you to try out with your toddler, and give these toilet rolls a new lease of life.


Toilet paper rolls can be repurposed and given a new life.


  • Maracas

Maracas are percussion instruments created by placing beans, pebbles or similar objects into hollow containers. As both you and your toddler embark on creating your very own maracas, explain that percussion instruments are used to create a rhythm or maintain a beat. Show them some videos of maracas performances to enable them to visualise how maracas look like.

To make your own maracas, first, seal one end of a toilet paper roll with paper and some glue around the sides before placing a handful of green or red beans into the container. Afterwards, seal the other end with paper and glue again, and there you have it! Your very own maracas!

Your toddler can personalise his or her maracas with crayons, embellishments or some paint. When it is all completed, put on some music and shake the maracas along to the beat!

This activity encourages your toddler to express his or her creativity through art and music.


  • Binoculars

Line two toilet paper rolls side by side and secures them together using double-sided tape or glue. You can prepare some stickers for your child to decorate their binoculars with before embarking on a scavenger hunt in the neighbourhood.

Though these paper binoculars don’t have lenses, they aren’t purely just for show. As your toddler stares through the binoculars, it narrows their field of vision and helps them focus on faraway objects.

Consider indulging them in play-pretend by becoming adventurers for an afternoon. Take them outdoors with their handmade binoculars. You can reinforce learning by researching the species of birds and critters spotted along the trip.

Create these cute cardboard monsters with some craft paper and toilet rolls!


  • Cardboard Characters

The materials required for this project are glue (stick glue is great for little hands with a minimal mess), some coloured paper and toilet rolls. Choose a base colour and wrap it around the roll, add some circles for eyes and paper at the top for hair. Your toddler can practise his or her cutting skills whilst grooming the character’s “hair”.

In order to enhance the activity and make it more memorable, model the characters after a storybook that your toddler is familiar. Encourage your toddler to name the characters that he or she has created too!

You won’t be able to tell the time with these watches!


  • Watches

Guide your toddler to snip a toilet paper roll into four pieces width-wise with child-safe scissors before pasting a drawn-on clock face of paper on each of the four loops. Toddlers have small wrists which fit perfectly into toilet paper rolls. Play-pretend watches are excellent for teaching them how to read analogue watches and clocks. Use this opportunity to teach them how to differentiate between the minute and hour hands.

Exclusively reusing recyclable material for craftwork as opposed to buying new materials from the stores not only saves the environment but pushes you and your child to think of alternative uses for everyday objects.


Leave us a comment to show us your toilet paper roll craft!

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  • 激发孩子的感官:感官箱能同时触发孩子的多个感官点。感觉海绵粗糙的质地,摇动水瓶时观察景象并听声音,摸摸面团并将面团扔进容器内,都能激发孩子的感官。
  • 培养实用的生活技能:天哪,简直一团糟!不要担心,您的孩子正在学习因果关系。在翻倒容器后,宝宝学会捡起每个面团。当宝宝会捏住衣夹,用长勺舀卫生纸卷和面团时,可以提高宝宝的精细运动技能。让宝宝大胆的尝试,因为我们希望孩子能适应环境并继续前行。
  • 促进认知发展:当孩子在新的感官箱里摸索各种物品时,会锻炼孩子解决问题的能力、推理和逻辑思维!如果孩子要把所有的衣夹放在密封袋内,或将面团放入空容器内变成摇动器,鼓励孩子勇敢地尝试。
  • 提高语言和沟通技巧:当孩子在探索感官箱时,父母也参与其中,父母可以提出问题,让孩子接触新词汇,开展对话等等!如果孩子想尝尝海绵的味道,您甚至可以问孩子好不好吃,并给孩子解释海绵不能用来吃。孩子在这一过程中提高了语言和沟通技巧!
  • 促进情感发展:独立玩耍能让孩子专注于任务,有助于自我发现。与其他孩子一起探索(或争夺)感官箱里的物品,能让孩子学习社交技能。
  • 增强社交技能和团结:亲子互动或与其他孩子共同探索感官箱能给孩子提供新环境,让孩子学会分享和轮流玩耍。孩子可能会流泪,但这完全是意料之中的!








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      • 可重复使用的密封袋或小塑料袋
      • 空容器
      • 卫生纸卷
      • 面团
      • 衣夹
      • 碎纸和信封
      • 长勺和勺子
      • 零食架
      • 水瓶