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6 Fun Ways to Prepare Your Elder Child for a New Sibling

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy, yet worried about how your elder one will react to his or her new sibling? Fret not as we have some fun ways to prepare your elder child for his or her new role!

1. Bring him or her with you to gynaecologist checkups
Bring your child along to visits to the gynaecologist where he or she can see the new sibling move during ultrasound scans. Use this time to explain to your child that the baby is still growing in your tummy. This way, your child can see how his or her sibling develops from a small foetus into a baby with each scan.

If you’re feeling artsy, create a scrapbook, let your child decorate it and add in new scan photos along the way!

2. Read books on new siblings
Take your child on a trip to the nearest library and borrow some books focused on introducing new siblings to the family. There are some websites which sell personalised sibling books that you can customise with your elder child’s name. Having themselves as the main character of the book helps them to relate better to the story.

Read up on how to cope with the new baby.

3. Sibling bonding
Encourage your child to talk, kiss or hug the new sibling through your tummy. Foetuses can hear sounds from inside the womb and this will build familiarity between the siblings even before birth. Try singing together with your toddler to your belly.

4. Involve your child in baby preparation
It is natural for elder children to feel mixed emotions about the impending arrival and change in status and not want to help. Gauge their interest level and ask casually if they would like to help you pick a colour for the nursery or choose clothes for the new sibling.

Your elder child can be given the honour of choosing colours for the nursery.

If you have yet to decide on a name for the new baby, you can even let your child have the honour of choosing his or her new sibling’s name from a shortlist?

5. Reminisce about your elder child’s baby moments
Perhaps it is time to cuddle with your child and tell him or her all about how you discovered you were pregnant and show how he or she grew from an embryo into a foetus and then a baby. What did you first notice about your baby? Was it his cute button nose, or her deep dimple? How did you feel when you first carried him or her? Was it on a rainy night or hot afternoon?

Birth stories help your elder child understand that they are just as important as the new addition.

In your third trimester, your elder child will be able to feel distinct movements from your belly!

6. Let your child be the first visitor
It can be confusing for younger children when they see their new sibling who used to be in Mom’s big, round belly. Allowing your elder child to be the very first visitor makes them feel important and there will not be external disruptions by other visitors who will crowd around the infant.

Try the above tips out and let us know if they worked for you! Do you know of other ways to help your elder child prepare for a new sibling? Leave us a comment!

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Fathers, Mums Want You to Know that You are Awesome!

Parenting takes two to clap, and plenty of teamwork to boot!

From playing cheerleaders at the delivery suite, to helping with night feeds, fathers play a supporting role in their own ways.

According to the Father Involvement Research Alliance (FIRA), “Involved fathers are more likely to see their interactions with their children positively be more attentive to their children’s development, better understand, and be more accepting of their children, and enjoy closer, richer father-child relationships.”

Mums often play the role of gatekeepers in the family, and that sometimes influences how much fathers are involved in parenting (or, want to be involved!), and that would unknowingly affect the dynamism of a father-and-child relationship too. Fathers are also pillar of strength and support for mums during the challenging journey, from being the protective father who nurses a wounded knee to instilling child discipline and imparting values.

While both parents are antagonistic when it comes to raise healthy, world-ready children, the importance of an engaged father during a child’s growing up years is certainly instrumental, and deserves more than just a pat on the back.

Celebrating fatherhood with words of love from mummies

We spoke to four mummies in Singapore who share their heartfelt gratitude for having their spouse’s support in parenting. Fathers, these mums want you to know that they appreciate what you do for the children and family! Mums may not say it often, but every action from papas speaks a thousand words to your ladies. Raising your children together is like nurturing your flowers and watch them blossom with your love!

“One great help he has rendered up till this day is his willingness to do night duty.”

To Daddy Ken, father of two:

I would like to thank my husband for always lending me immense support during these initial years of parenting. One great help he has rendered up till this day is his willingness to do night duty. From the time our boy could take to bottle-feeding, he has been waking up in the middle of the night to feed him or get him back to sleep. He knows I need my rest so that I can function properly the next day. Also, he often encourages me to get some ‘ME’ time because he knows I need to be recharged. So, while I get my time off, he would look after the kids. Really thankful to him, my awesome partner.

– Lynn

“Waking up in the middle of the nights for the kids (eg: to prepare their milk), which allows me to have more rest.”

To Papa Aw, father of two:
To my dear partner aka Papa Aw,

Sometimes, you do make me mad;

Sometimes, you do make me laugh.

I believe that’s what love is about?

I appreciate the little things you have done for me & our family. Spending your time with us (though you could have choosen to work OTs for extra income)

Waking up in the middle of the nights for the kids (eg: to prepare their milk), which allows me to have more rest.

Just listening to my naggings when I’m down.

You are my partner, lover and my best friend.

Thanks for always being there for me. You’re the best!

— Xiuli

“You never fail to make it a point to remind her (daughter) that she is very much loved by her mum and dad.”

To hubby Terence, father of one & expecting their second child:

Thank you, dear hubby, for 13 awesome years of being together and for going through the ups and downs of parenting. It warms my heart to see how you dote on our little girl and shower her with love and attention. Although there are times when there is a need to step in to discipline her by making unpopular decisions, you never fail to make it a point to remind her that she is very much loved by her mum and dad. As we look forward to the arrival of our second bundle of joy next month, I know that the best is yet to come and I know that we can count on you to create more happy memories together!
— Justina


“He supports me in all my decisions and walks with me to try to make them successful.”

To Daddy Changhan, father of two:

I really want to thank God for a wonderful partner, friend, husband and father in my life. He has been a great source of support when we had our first child, and to our second child. I remembered there were many times when I need help with the house and baby, he will always be there with me. Often, he would offer to spend time with our children and be willing to listen to me on my preferred type of parenting. He supports me in all my decisions and walks with me to try to make them successful. Thank you, darling!

— Evangeline


Fathers, you’re more important than you think when it comes to parenthood. Together, you can build a wholesome family environment for your children to thrive and blossom into strong, independent people who value the importance of relationships and marriages.

Mums, do you have a special message to your husbands? Remember to share your heartfelt words of appreciation to let them know they are awesome!