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7 Reasons Why Children Need Outdoor Play

14 December 2018

Children today spend about 4 hours a week on average playing outside, about half the time their parents did playing outdoors. A large amount of time spent indoors is a contributing factor to myopia and other health problems.   Outdoor play is not only beneficial, but it is necessary for young children to grow and […]

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Let’s Play: Explore your Neighbourhood (Free Printables)

20 February 2018

Print a copy of this and fill in the missing letters with your child. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and circle the objects and animals spotted along the way. Describe the colours, features and sounds to your child. As an added activity, have your child take photos of the objects that are spotted! Theme: […]

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Let’s Play: Scavenger Hunt at the Park (Free Printables)

13 December 2017

Wander into the great outdoors and visit your nearest park to explore its sights and sounds. Are you ready to hunt for these items below? Let your kids point out, touch or hold some of these items for a multi-sensorial learning adventure! Put a ✓ inside the circle when they are spotted! DOWNLOAD > Activity […]

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