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Let’s Play: Photo Moments with Albert!

Let’s Play: DIY Photo Props (Free Printables)

Celebrate your child’s milestone with a photo moment!
Time to get creative and enjoy the bonding time with your little ones!


Activity Experience

Record those memorable milestones with these cute photo props by personalising them as their creativity flows! Put down the date when your child said his first word, or when she took her first steps. Then have your little sweetheart strike a pose as you capture that special moment with some photo moments with these DIY props – they are one of a kind!

Let your little one design his or her own props as mum and dad fill in those special details. Encourage little fingers to pick up props, paste stickers or simply doodle. These actions help work those fine motor skills and dexterity, both of which helps strengthen their fingers as they learn to write in time to come. Speak to your child and let him or her understand what you are writing down, and why this moment is such a special one. Share your joy and loads of hugs and kisses as you acknowledge these emotions – a way that contributes to your child’s emotional development too. Have fun capturing these proud parenting moments together!

Activity Tips
  • Get your child to help apply glue and paste this activity sheet on a cereal box or cardboard.
  • Personalise these props with your child using crayons, stickers, colour pencils, markers, felt, cotton, glitter, coloured paper & more!
  • Cut out each piece along the outline and attached the beige sticks to each prop for use as a handle.


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