Family Fun Toddlers

Let’s Play: Match and Sort Colour Activity (Free Printable)

Match the pictures to their respective colours! Point out the various fruit to your child when you bring them to the market! Alternatively, print out two copies, cut out the squares and play “Snap” with your child! Have fun!
Theme: Fruits


Activity Experience

This matching game activity promotes memory, observation skills, basic sorting and encourages young learners to learn about colours. Your little one picks up new vocabulary and learns how to identify items of the same colour by grouping.

Start by introducing the individual fruit and its colour. After that, spell out the colours. Finally, let them match the fruit to their colours. When you are on a grocery run, jolt your child’s memory by asking them to tell you the colour of various fruits.

You can also print out two copies, cut out the squares, shuffle the cards, distribute it between your child and yourself and play “Snap”. This childhood game is certainly bound to bring on laughter between the both of you!

These engaging activities help to encourage new perspectives of looking at things around them, as they explore classification skills and reinforces identification skills. Make time for some indoor and outdoor fun with your kids this weekend!