Family Fun Toddlers

Let’s Play: Scavenger Hunt at the Park (Free Printables)

Wander into the great outdoors and visit your nearest park to explore its sights and sounds.

Are you ready to hunt for these items below? Let your kids point out, touch or hold some of these items for a multi-sensorial learning adventure! Put a ✓ inside the circle when they are spotted!


Activity Experience

Get closer to nature and discover both living creatures and non-living elements found in the park with your children. This scavenger hunt activity hopes to encourage families to spend time playing in the outdoors, while discovering more about the natural environment.

Introduce each picture and word to your child, and explain that he or she would have to look out for them in the park. The search encourages your child to observe and pay attention to his or her surroundings. As you “hunt” for each item, let your child explore the park through his eyes – pick up a stone, or, watch a trail of busy ants. This lets him absorb new information in a different setting, as he watches what others are doing, and the little details that he or she do not usually see. Start a conversation with your tot when you see him or her excited about his new discovery – a caterpillar, perhaps? Communication is always a great way to pick up new vocabulary, share stories and learn new connections. This hands-on learning and sensorial experience promotes the development of mental and visual connection between the brain and eyes. Have fun exercising both body and minds together!