Why Einmilk?

Because balanced diet matters!

At Einmilk, we pride ourselves on endorsing wholesome and balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers, by producing formula milk powders with the best and most genuine ingredients in the region.

Quality & Assurance. From Start to Finish.

Einmilk is developed with cutting-edge technology under the strictest quality controls. We take  every-single-little-detail  into consideration during the stage of  product development – from  where  to source our ingredients (such as the 100% fresh milk we sourced from one of the freshest environment on earth – New Zealand) to  how  to produce our products, where we  ensure highest level of  hygiene and food safety are practiced across all factories, throughout  the whole process of producing our products.

Value For More.

Our product range has been scientifically designed and produced with care,  to provide complete nutrition for each stage of child development – providing better value to parents and the finest in pediatric nutrition to babies and toddlers at the most crucial stage of their development.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredient list includes; Taurine, DHA & ARA, FOS, Nucleotides, Skimmed Milk Powder, Vegetable Oil Blend, Lactose, Demineralized Whey Powder. Whey Protein Concentrate Power, Minerals, and Vitamins.


Found in breast milk, helps infants’ liver gain or maintain their weight


Helps promote the growth of cells in the eyes and brain


Facilitates absorption of nutrients in the intestine and digestive system


Increases metabolism and immunity by increasing 'good' bacteria and decreasing 'bad' bacteria

Made in Singapore. Owned by Singapore. For a better Singapore.

So whether you are supplementing breastfeeding with formula milk or to formula-feed, you can be confident with the holistic development Einmilk can provide for your little ones.

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There’s always a first time for everything.

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